Channeling the realistic yet fanciful dreamscape wandering of Sofia Copolla’s cinematic aesthetic, this 2 brides editorial shot for my Secret Owl Workshop in Santorini, brings an atmosphere that is airy yet fused with the ‘cool-girl’ trope. Soft lighting, hazy pastels, and dusky palettes were the initial concept as the shooting grounds -the emblematic Rocabella where many superstars have holidayed and toasted to the fiery sunset over the Caldera- shine stark white under the hot sun. 
Along with power styling by Sofia Ferreira from Brancoprata who waved her magic wand over our invitation suites and non-paper goods,and matched the glass tile menus and organic textures to Santorini stative jewelry by Poniros, Julia & Evita from Santorini Glam Weddings created a novelty setting inspired by the art deco age: A stained-glass gazebo that served as our ceremony canopy, accented with glass urns and soft pampas grass, garden blooms and David Austins in peach, yellow and white tones, 1920’s office chairs in lieu of pews and an elegant reception table with gorgeous Santorini treats by Spicy Bites. 
Crochelle’s pieces carry a very distinct, evident artistry and her delicate sherbet shade dresses adorning our two brides brought a hyper-feminine, minimal visual code which perfectly matches Santorini’s elegant vibes. I wished to portray this wedding as the couple looks at life through a sun-soaked lens, immersed in a beautiful hallucination, ultra-light, with the iconic milky Aegean sunshine reflecting onto the camera and the somber undertones of the caldera popping in the distance.

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