A case of rebranding 

Sotiris Tsakanikas



When it comes to rebranding, be it via the source that translates your visual language to the eclectic eye, or the process of your evolution as a brand and an artist, it is not a case of heads or tails;

Pathfinding (and path-ensuing) are what will always trigger that one extra shot, that one ceaseless intention towards capturing the perfect moment, but that will also extend your vision, and evoke your desire to serve that call, by opening up and by bringing more to the table.

The rebranding of Sotiris Tsakanikas.com  is not to celebrate the success story behind the man, but rather the commitment every photographer should retain, to deliver and to bestow. We aim for the nonpareil, for the nexus of life that is you and your story of love.

On February our journey will begin, stay tuned…



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