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Memory is the most extraordinary confection of all

Sotiris Tsakanikas is a South Greece based fine art film & digital wedding photographer, convinced that each image he captures should bring forth the love of his couples and his soft spot for heritage! 

I always seek the most elegant way to show family and the longevity of people, and prize the youthful energy and visual optimism of each wedding event, as I was raised in a time where the dark room held as much thrill as the big screen. 

Be it under a pulsating Mediterranean moon, the milky light of Grecian splendor, or any place in the entire wide world I travel with you, evoke and photograph the sweetness of life, and the human response to the Big L! If adventuring and great company, good food, fine wine, magnificent cities and perfect soirees make your heart skip a bit faster, then you’re a bit like me; we treasure the luxury of a love story delicately told, the subtle nuances of life’s forevers!

Working with couples from all over the world and truly getting to know them is the most incredible experience, the best moments of their lives all bottled up are my life’s work and on my days off you’ll find me calmly spending time with my beautiful wife and our biggest gift in this life -our son – … The charm of imperfection fascinates me and if you have a sweet tooth for life like me, we share the same intent to preserve memory as it’s the most extraordinary confection of all! 



Establishing his course in wedding photography, Sotiris Tsakanikas looked to his experience growing up in  Greece for inspiration, which helped him to create a signature photographic language. 

“I consider myself a Greek fine art photographer, I treasure my origins, as we always carry our history (and that of our country) in the photographs we create.” 

Alongside his work as a traveling fine art film & digital wedding photographer, Sotiris has realized a body of work as an artistic director, guest speaker entrepreneur, and educator. In 2010, at the request of his fellow community to provide full creative education in Fine Art Wedding Photography he formed The Secret Owl, which today is a growing team of creatives who support his quest to realize and expand the width of branding and fine art wedding photography output in Greece and overseas. 


I learned photography shooting film, so I never really gave it up. Old habits die hard. Occasionally they become more than just habits, they become part of who the photographer really is. I’m very fond of my prime lenses and digital equipment but my fascination for analog burns bright. 

Sotiris loves to center his artistic vocabulary into his wedding editorials, fusing openness and intimacy. Engaging in the process of discovery on a wedding vision is a vehicle  to live in the moment and create something cinematic and timeless! Weddings play a very prominent part in the experience of life. The places love was born, the localities that carry its imprint, the couple’s sillage, carry into themselves the art of preservation. 


Evocative of the fine nuances of love and nature’s kind rhythm, with a sense of delicate longing and genuinely sweet pace, Sotiris Tsakanikas’ real weddings, wedding editorials, and travel films have been exhibited on press around the world, among them Harper’s Bazaar,  Belle Lumiere, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Magnolia Rouge, Once Wed, Green Wedding Shoes, … and more.