Christiana & Nenad

Sweetest Elopement at the Royal Gardens 

Last August, two sweethearts, a Greek and a Croat tied the knot in Athens, and as their wedding photographer I went up to meet the ladies, Christiana and her lovely mom, at Christiana’s parental home, probably one of the most handsome homes I’ve ever paid a visit to. You can tell a lot about people by visiting their homes, and I was enchanted to say the least. Nenad is the kindest husband, refined, romantic, extremely cordial, and a great convesationalist, said my bride to be, and she was of course absolutely right, as I soon found out myself.

The elegant bride and groom were photographed at the Royal Gardens of Tatoi, an estate surrounded by dense forests, overgrown with cypresses, poplars, olive groves, and actually hundreds of trees in all shapes and shades, perfect for strolls and elopements ala king and queen!!!

And of course the wedding night… you know how sometimes we Greeks complain about the winds blowing in August, especially at a wedding night when you wish everything to go as planned and you might feel slighlty anxious when the table cloths are blown so much that the glasses practically dance on the tables? Not these two !!! I don’t know if you’ve heard, said Nenad laughing, back home we’ve got propuh, this little wind is actually pretty mild !!! (I’ll save you the googling and just tell you that in Croatia, wind is at epic proportions and drafts are given a lot of attention). He was right, of course; I didn’t have to look around twice to see how nobody seemed to care at all, as they all endlessly danced in perfect bliss! Croats are seriously the best dancers, and fully enjoy the gifts of life! At the end of the night the groom sang a surprise song for his bride and I caught myself smiling, smitten !

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