When it comes down to wedding inspiration you can always draw from the silver screen.

In Alexa & Ross’ case choosing to have their Corfu luxury wedding at Villa Sylva. Was both a matter of fondness for the iconic British agent. (007 For Your Eyes Only was filmed in this very location, and yes the exterior outline still looks the same although freshly refurbished). But also a love for the aristocratic pedigree of its owners. (see Empress Sissi of Austria descendants), the magic of its vistas and gardens. (the property comes with a pond, sublime flora. And the second most ancient eucalyptus tree to be found in the entire globe), and the immaculate views that spread for as long as the eye can see.

You should expect nothing less than sheer perfection when the love and light merge with the wonderful design by The 12 Events. But dive in the gallery below to catch the happy vibes of a true Highlander and his clan. Of a breathtakingly beautiful bride in love to bits with her beau. And an Corfu-style reception on the garden terrace that is the stuff of dreams. If this affair doesn’t urge you to Pin Corfu on your destination wedding in Greece map, we don’t know what will. Enjoy!

planning: The12Events

(from the bride)

Ross and I have had a very unusual relationship compared to most… How we met: We met 6 years ago in Las Vegas at the hotel pool. Neither of us were supposed to be there, 2 days before, one of Ross’s friends called him out of the blue and told him a space had opened up on a bachelor party that he was going to in Vegas and asked if Ross wanted to take the spot. Ross only knew 1 person out of the 20 boys who were going and he had never been to Las Vegas but he decided to go anyway. I also was not supposed to be there. A few weeks prior, my friend called me and asked if I wanted to take a last minute trip to Vegas to help out at a modeling job she was doing. I also had never been to Vegas, but I thought, “why not?” and off we went. The first day we got to Vegas I met Ross at the pool. I had never met a Scottish person before and could barely understand him with his accent, but we hit it off right away. We met on a Friday and spent 2 days together that weekend, by Sunday Ross was already searching flights to New York to come visit me. Ross and I talked every single day on the phone from the day I met him in Vegas after we both went back to Scotland and New York. I never thought it could work between us with the distance but Ross will tell you that when he got home from Vegas he told his mom that he had met “the one.” From that point on we were best friends, we became inseparable immediately and spent the next 5 years traveling back and forth between New York and Scotland building the amazing relationship and friendship we have today. Over the years we have had some of the most amazing experiences. In 2015 we spent 3 months traveling together around Australia and Asia. We spent New Years in Melbourne and drove up the eastern coast of Australia and then hopped around to Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and China. It was one of the most amazing times in our lives, not only seeing these beautiful places, but finally getting to spend all of this time just being together, not worrying about our distance and feeling like a normal couple. That time together brought us closer than ever before and we left knowing that we were going to be together forever. Ross and I are very similar and different in ways. We both are very fun-loving people who really enjoy our family and friends and just having a good time always. We love to not take ourselves too seriously and love a good laugh and being silly. We come from very different backgrounds, I grew up in a big city (New York) and was always very academic growing up. Ross grew up in a very small town in Edinburgh and was never into school, more into sports. But our personalities have always balanced each other out perfectly and we bring out the best in each other. Ross proposed to me in April 2017 in Amsterdam. I was on a trip with my parents and he was meant to be meeting us in Paris after we left Amsterdam. It’s very hard to keep a secret from me so Ross says it was one of the hardest things he had to do to pretend like he was still in Scotland when I spoke to him that day, when he was really in the same hotel as me in Amsterdam! He was so nervous that he broke the box holding the ring while he waited for me. My parents told me we were going to visit this famous bridge, Magere Bruge, I had no idea that when I got there Ross was watching us arrive from a nearby cafe, sweating because I was over an hour late! A photographer was hiding taking pictures as he walked up behind me and got down on one knee. After the proposal we took a beautiful private boat ride around the canals and here we are today, 2 years later getting ready for the big day!







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