Dimitra & Aggelos

A wedding in Mandola Rosa, Grecotel.


It’s not hard to imagine that shooting couples like these is going to be a tremendous pleasure; as a photographer I can’t but have a strong inclination towards wonderfully styled people who like Nabokov’s prose carry the story-teller himself away.

Dimitra is a sight for sore eyes, half Indian, half Greek, this dashing beauty, who had been a student of mine back in the day when my photography workshops were held in Patras, and is a true fashion girl,  co-founder of  fashiondolls.gr  tied the knot with Aggelos, a very dear friend’s brother.

I was super excited to shoot our session in Grecotel Mandola Rosa on the western coast of the Peloponese,  amidst superb marbled pavilions, lavish beach villas overviewing her majesty, the Ionian Sea;  The color palette of azure, green, cream and rose, drenched in soft, sweet light, are so beguiling; skies that open one’s heart to such a distinctive and genuine getaway mood it’s simply impossible to let go of; crisp, fresh and supple at the same time, conjuring up a universe of romance and elegance much as this amazing couple was in front of and behind the camera !!

If I just needed one word to describe this sumptuous shoot I would chose :  Bewitching !

Wish you the best my beautiful friends !!!

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Groom styled by: Vassilios Kostetsos

Bride styled by: Kardara Anthi

Bride’s shoes: Yves Saint Laurent

Groom’s shoes: Prada

Location: Mandola Rosa Grecotel Exclusive Resorts

Make Up: Beaute Dimitra

Hair: Takis Filopoulos A


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