Gorgeous Wedding Dresses by Katia Delatola

“A collection based on movement, including both summer and winter pieces”

“It all began with a photography session. Dimitra and Sakis in Evoia. When I saw how beautifully Sotiris had captured movement, I felt I should definitely collaborate with this man! That was the idea behind my designs in this collection, where dresses transform with movement! I really wish we can carry you away into our world through this photoshoot, in which two brides are featured instead of one! I opted for a duo to represent the sense of euphoria, simplicity, and geniality!”

Κatia Delatola _ designer

” The maverick style of “rock-star”, celebrity brides, and legendary fashion icons has been inspiring wedding gowns for decades now. Mixing and matching romantic laces, baroque embroidery, and sumptuous velvets, creating louche looks, or embellishing wedding dresses with parures of matching jewelry sets, tiaras and brooches have been a bridal favorite. Katia Delatola’s work to me presents the new and refreshing opulence, to a non-exaggerated elegance where the gown offers a confident stride, a playful, euphoric silhouette that is part adventurous and way more romantic.

There is a nonchalance to how the woman of the moment carries herself, and how she makes each piece her own, which is always inspiring to a man’s eye. Katia Delatola reinterprets this in her poetic, full of cadence and velocity collection, proving that a wedding dress is not just an impressive piece of art but also a passage to another non-hampered by tradition style but still a sheer classic.

Could not be more enticed to shoot the EAR collection, could I? A whole hearted thank you to Katia!”

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All pictures are taken in Film Portra 400 with Contax 645  |  Location: The Loft    |  Models: Ace Models

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