Editorial Shooting in Villa Vanzetti, Verona.

Mid-sixteenth century Villa Wedding Inspiration.

Mid-sixteenth century Villa Wedding Inspiration.

Brimming with rare and exotic flora, Villa Vanzetti, with its historical gardens, oeuvre of a worldwide renowned professor and argonomist who personally took care of the plants and centenary trees, immediately spurred our vision. We wished to create a delicate country palette, pale greens and rustic details, blending the homespun ease of the countryside with the inevitable Italian class and sophistication.


Some words from Alessandra.

“Villa Vanzetti is an extraordinary country side venue. When I use the word “Extraordinary”, I’m thinking about the special feeling that people can live walking through the wild park and entering the simple elegance of the rooms. The owner still live there, and thank you to her warm hospitality and kindness, you feel like at home. It is easy and relaxing; decorated in warm natural colors that time has transformed in something of really sophisticated in his simplicity.

The view on the vineyard is stunning, and a fall sunset transforms the panorama and the façade of the villa in an impressionist painting. In the park, a majestic marble stairway is a stunning and incredible natural set.

In the main room, I prepared a “Sunday” table using original table linen, silverware and glassware. The mustard color of the table clothes is highlighted by the hand embroidered centerpiece that is part of the family collection. A wild red rose welcomes each guest.

In the porch, the original style of the table is empathized by the contrast with the green tone of the bone china and stationery.

I decided to go for light green eustoma paired with  silver green eucalyptus and a touch of pink. This palette was ideal to underline the country style of the villa and its colors. All the floral decoration were very natural and graceful.

The laced gown is perfect for the shooting, with a sophisticated natural look underlined by a light pink make up and a soft updo haistyle.  A simple, pretty wild bouquet  completes the look and matches the ensemble.

Villa Vanzetti is a gem nestled in the hills of the Illasy valley, a special place where I love to plan weddings and events.”

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Planner & design: Alessandra Benedetti

Makeup & hair: Ilaria Adami

Wedding Dress: Mara Rossi, Tiffany Atelier Sposa, Villafranca (Verona)

Jewelery: Skusa

Venue: Villa Vanzetti

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