Tips & What to look out for

Let me start by saying, engagement sessions are AWESOME. They’re one of my favorite parts of the wedding photography process! If you are tempted to not have an engagement session, give me a moment to convince you why you should!


Being engaged is such a special time for a relationship. It is a season of dreaming and anticipation of one of the most memorable and life-changing moments you will ever have. Your engagement photos announcing your big life decision should be something special and not rushed. They should be images that really portray your love, your friendship and your joy.

I believe engagement sessions are super important; I love getting to meet you and your future husband before the wedding! That way I am not showing up on your wedding day and having to introduce myself to you for the first time. I will be by your side almost your entire wedding day – so I want you to feel comfortable and not have to worry about if I am getting “the shot”! Professional athletes spend hours practicing. Musicians do too. If you want wedding photos that you love, practicing together is a great way to get there! Engagement sessions act as a “test run” for you two in front of the camera. I will learn how you interact and how you feel the most comfortable, and you will be- come familiar to the way I work! Once the wedding day rolls around, you will have nothing to worry about.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the comment “I’m so glad we did an engagement session!” on a wedding day! And most of the time, I hear it from the grooms! That is why these sessions are so important to them ! I have seen the benefits over and over again!


• Engagement photos are perfect for save the dates!

• The time we usually choose to hold our session is before or after sundown (depending on location) so as to have the best possible colors and the softest, most flattering light!

• Always wear clothing that makes you feel amazing (see more tips on what to wear on the next paragraph).

• If there’s a location that’s special to you and your relationship, let your photographer know about


For your engagement session, the most important thing is to wear clothing that matches your style and personalities. You also want to feel amazing in them! You are most welcome to bring two outfits for each of you. I recommend bringing one set that is more casual, and another that is more dressy.

When picking out your outfits, try to compliment each other rather than choosing clothes that are “matchy matchy”. I do recommend solid, bright colors. Keep- ing a streamlined contour, avoiding florals, busy patterns, plaids and head-to-toe black or white clothing will make for more tasteful shots. Your outfit palettes should not be coordinated or matching by all means necessary, yet if you are minimalist inclined and worried about intense color, picking neutrals and a few coordinating hues (say brown with pink and blue) can do the trick. Pairing bold colors with neutrals is a great choice.

Depending on the location you choose for your session, there may not be a wide selection of places in which to change outfits, so keep that in mind when choosing your attire, and which pieces you will be wearing first. There are no rules as to whether you wear your casual or your dressy outfit first – that is entirely up to you!

Your engagement session can be a great time to do a trial run with your makeup artist before your wedding day! Having your makeup professionally done for your session can help boost your confidence and will definitely make you “pop” in your photos. Be sure to communicate your desired “makeup style” clearly to your artist, so that he or she is able to create a look for you that compliments your features, but that keeps you looking like you. Another important thing to keep in mind is that your engagement session shoot make-up does not necessarily need to be the same as the one you are planning for your wedding.


  • If either of you is planning to wear shoes that are high in style but low in comfort, you might want to consider packing an extra pair with you to wear to and from the car.
  • Try to avoid horizontal stripes, as they are not always as flattering as other patterns.
  • Layers and textures translate great on camera! So do not be afraid to layer jewelry, scarves, sweaters, jackets or any combination in order to create depth in your outfits.
  • Don’t forget the details! A fresh manicure will show off your ring, and polished shoes and even the simplest earrings can create a more styled look.
  • Brides, consider having your hair and makeup done for your session. Having a professional stylist prep, you will help add a little glamour to your photos even if you have selected casual apparel.
  • A make- up tip I have picked up from professional make-up artists: When finishing your make up, have your makeup artist apply a thin mineral veil of powder down the center of your face with a fluffy brush. It will take away shine from the oiliest parts of your skin plus make your face appear just a bit slimmer. Also, keep a lipgloss or moisturizing agent in your purse, especially if you are a smoker.
  • Don’t stress! Engagement photos should be fun! You might even consider having a date night after your session so you can enjoy an evening together celebrating your engagement!
  • images from Sandrella & Hisham’s amazing pre-wedding shooting in Agios Ioannis, Mykonos. Planned by DePlanV.

Nomads of style and love

Arriving at Hippie Fish (the couple’s venue and original location where the award-winning Paramount movie “Shirley Valentine” was filmed) the scene was already set by the amazing team of De Plan V, who -ever so thoughtfully- put the couple’s dreamy celebration together, adding to the air of the cosmopolitan island pre-wedding party.

A line of cedar wood reception tables decorated with sheer boho details, including a beautiful hand-carved bull steer cow skull, was soon filled with fresh fruit salads, Mediterranean bites and ample bonne bouche seafood, catered by Hippie Fish. Signature punches and Aperol spritzers kept us cool, while the delightful beach welcome party was accented by Eastern lanterns and flower chandeliers adorned with verdant succulents, laurels, silver brunia and majestic king proteas.

In the short distance, right on the beach a white teepee surrounded by droplet shaped rattan daybeds, nomadic stools, beach pillows, wicker sofas, and hammered brass coffee tables generated an ambiance of an elegant beach safari. As day gave way to sunset and the sun plunged over the cove of Agios Ioannis, the unmistakable addition of orange lit pendant lights and a huge tripod firepit cauldron created a serene and more dramatic backdrop for the romantic couple.

When it comes to heart-stopping style Sandrella and Hisham have got their fingers right on the pulse. Their feelgood factor, however, was something for the books. Constantly dancing and romancing both with the lens and with each other their positive energy was endless. Having enjoyed all the fun of their party we moved away from their merry guests and strolled down the shore with the future bride and groom to shoot their beach portraits. Sandrella’s gown billowed in the soft breeze, revealing her small and perfect silhouette. Like a mermaid dancing on the wet sands she strolled around her dapper fiance, and as the palette of pinks and blues reduced to a perfectly idyllic sundown, their super-romantic photos were filled with effortless intimacy.

I loved how my couple’s pre-wedding shoots had me connect with them and I consider it a privilege to find this deeper, lovely reciprocity.

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