engagement shooting in santorini


We’re summering now. Embracing you, I find you anew; my friend, my lover, spouse, I discover you for the thousandth time; then I open my eyes, and you are you. 

_ Setty Lepida

Walls will find us in this life, it is true. Walls and fences and so many reasons to give up or give in. But when it comes to love as well as the freedom one can experience through sincerity, we become again children who just wish to roam and wander away under the sun. These two amazing Vancouverites, Nik and Sarah are what I would call true gypsy souls. He plays the bouzouki (the Greek “force” from his father’s side is quite strong) and she is an artist. Free spirited but also tremendously earthy they take a stroll at the Red Beach in Santorini where the light shines bold making a heart crazily, genuinely joyful and brings out the most sincere. Finding one’s identity in a relationship can be very fragile but their bond makes it look so supple, so easy. I can’t fancy anything better, can you?


This clean, lucid session with Nik and Sarah was inspired by the individuality of the Archaic Period (700-480 BC). In a time when transcedental meditation, and finding one’s self exploded into the ancient Greek world, art turned colorful and ornate as personal feelings, connectivity and self- awarenes were celebrated in realistic human forms, in the depiction of smiles and touches.

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