Federica & Nicolas

engagement in Mykonos, Greece

A stamp of history –

  The name Mykonos, discovered in ancient coins and scriptures, was ascribed to a renowned hero of the same name, a descendant of the mythical Delian king Anius, son of Apollo and Rhoeo the nymph (daughter of Dionysus). Legend has it that the petrified Giants vanquished by Hercules during the Titan Wars still remain under the massive granite rocks scattered around the island.
  Beyond the myths and legends of the past, Mykonos might as well be called the mystique, the island of a thousand hidden characters, a standout of villas, pavilions, cabanas, but also Cycladic abodes, and village huts; a playground for socialites, rock stars, and bon viveurs, and yet a sanctuary for escapists who sought after the perfect staircase to heaven.
  My wife says “sometimes this island feels like a tiny New York for Greece” and I -as your next door unsuspected male- beg to differ. “No, think about it” she says, “one thinks of New York and thinks of romance and love, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and maybe even Sex and the City, but then again even if there are no great films or sitcoms describing Mykonos, how many people have come here and found love?”
  That’s quite intriguing I think because that happens to be the exact case with my stunning couple in the engagement shoot below. They did actually find each other on this very island back in 2012. Away from busy dolce-vita crowds and luxive sumptuousness, these two global nomads, take a barefoot walk in the warm sand, sweet and unassuming as pure love actually is.
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Planning by DePlanV  |  Agios Ioannis, Mykonos
Cinematographer: Jim Grillas
Second Photographer: George Kostopoulos
  1. Hi nice to meet you
    My wife and I are going to stay in Mykonos next month. We are planning on renewing are vowed and would like an hour or two of photographing. We thought doing that on the 13th of June.
    Is that possible that you photograph us and what would be the cost?

    Thank you very much and hope hearing from you soon



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