Soft & Cozy Boudoir

An Engagement Editorial in Italy

This in-home editorial session serves as an inspiration for every couple who wishes to shine in their engagement photos, enjoying some time at their own private nest. Playfull, romantic, soft and easy, they get in the groove of their love. Minimal design and outfits are proof that great couple photos are about personal style and those amazing vibes.  We had great fun shooting this session. Italy is a country that rubs its charm on you and much like in my country, Greece, its energy passes on to the surroundings and eventually the people. We all felt like old friends and family after the shoot was over and that is something that I strive when I shoot my real couples. I guess my best moment was when my models much like my couples said “we forgot you were even there”.

I’m inspired by the chemistry between couples, by how their ways to connect and communicate translate on camera. It’s so incredible to discover over and over again that the simplest look, touch, or smile speaks volumes and can narrate a story on its own, a story of who these two are, or of where they’re headed. I love couples who let go, focus on each other and enjoy their photoshoot because they do not need to impress anyone.

The art of boudoir is a form of fine art. To me as a photographer it’s not about capturing how it looks like, rather what it feels like, to elicit feelings through a single film and to speak what was not spoken through my images. Boudoir carries that delicate trait, the aesthetic quality where the bride becomes a painting, a poem, a musical composition, a muse whose visual narrative is her own true shine. Women are irresistbly tenacious and have such an amazing ability to create things that never existed before. Boudoir imagery reminds them to remain uncompromising, to pay hommage to the allure that shines from within, to block out negative judjements about their beauty and figure, all these standards and cliches that belong to the past. Boudoir encourages women to stop being people pleasers and start celebrating themselves, to embrace their genius and their style in all its glory.

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