Katerina & Yiannis


Do you ever wake up with that feeling that you’re about to meet someone whose smile will be making your day? Well on my way to meet Katerina and Giannis this was exactly what was going on. These two deliciously beautiful, madly in love, high school sweethearts had me swooning. It was their kind of vibe, so refreshing, that had us instantly click!¬† Their perfectly chic “I do’s” at Casa e Campo were orchestrated to perfection by my super talented friend Anjie from Only For You who made sure Katerina and Giannis had everything they had been dreaming of. As their love for one another soars to the moon and back, she presented them with a huge crescent installation, tons of florals and gorgeous details you’ll just want to Pin right away! I loved how thoughtful they were towards their guests in every snippet, especially to the ladies, for whom they tailored the most elegant silk scarves in floral patterns and colors to match their wedding style. Shooting Katerina and Giannis’ portraits, just like the entire wedding day, was a breeze. Their joy and love for life, their amazing character, and graceful presence was a true gift to me as their wedding photographer and friend. Join me right this way to view their celebration and while you’re at it, see what my stunning bride has to say.


From the Bride: I met Giannis at school. Little did I know that we’d become a couple towards the end of our senior year and end up getting wed 10 years later. Having a clear vision of what I needed my wedding to feel like – happy, elegant and extremely fun for everyone attending- I talked to my planner Anjie from Only For You Events, who helped me tremendously with the whole process and was my companion from day one. She brought a palette of fuschias and blues¬† -my two favorite colors combined- and made everything look pristine everywhere we laid eyes upon.

One of the most important aspects of my wedding and my utter joy was our photographs. Anjie who understood exactly what we were looking for suggested that we meet with Sotiris. I knew his work very well and there have been several times I’d browsed his Instagram feed, so it was a yes right from the start. Not only did he capture our venue and details to perfection – I’m literally in love with every image I have of our wedding- but our emotions and mood during the whole day. I loved how he portrayed our happiness, how easy and trusting he was and helped us ease into our shooting and have fun with our photography.

I found my dress after several visits to wedding dress designers but I chose a gown by Maria Konidi because as one vendor told me so wisely “you only need to close your eyes and the first dress you see yourself in is your gown”. That was the one!

My favorite moment of the day is hard to pin down as I had so much fun during the whole day. Every moment was special, every minute mattered. Perhaps one of the most memorable ones was when we entered with Giannis and saw the faces and the smiles of all my friends and family. It’s so important to have the ones you love around you!

If there is something I would advise future brides is to chose a team of creatives that understand her and make her feel comfortable, to go for whatever matches her and her groom’s personalities, to not be afraid to shine. Some brides are maximal and some go low key. What is definitely a winner is when everything you are surrounded by speaks to your tastes and hearts. Oh and have fun, it’s a bid day and it’s your day!

planning by Anjie Georgakopoulou

muah Katerina Theocharis

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