Ladan & Reto

A Persian-Swiss wedding in Zurich.

I am always as excited as any destination wedding photographer to share with you my experiences with the amazing people I have had the pleasure to shoot. In this case I will make an exception, and share with you the words of Ladan’s  that have deeply touched my heart.

This photographer is too moved to speak more.

“Dear Sotiris,

We’ve recieved your wonderful package! Wow breathtaking really. It’s full of emotions. Thank you so much Sotiris. And you made us look sooo good  😂

We are so happy with the result! You have such a talent! I think your passion for your work is seen in every picture you take. Keep going like this Sotiris

So happy that we got to know you… You are great. I know you have already many friends in Switzerland 😉 but you have two more! You are ALWAYS welcome.

Mi casa es tu casa!”


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