Lienelle & Mark

"less is more" A wedding in Kardamili, Kalamata

For Lienelle and Mark, it was all a matter of substance, great company, and signature.

Embracing the elemental power of love and its strong bonds, wrapped in the arms of this perfect little luxurious, minimalistic villa on the foothills of Mount Taygetos in Kardamili, close friends and family joined this warmhearted and uber-sophisticated bride and groom to share their bliss, in an al fresco ceremony, where the sun shone its brightest, and the Messinian landscape satiated the soul.

As a photographer, I was captivated with their grace and politeness. Clean-cut and grounded, ardently devoted to detail (clear flowerpots everywhere, accents of Mediterranean citrus and olive branches, small wooden fans to offer each guest) – it’s no wonder, as this South African-Scottish duo are architects by vocation- , with a great sense of humor (notice their little Lego stroke at the reception table) and utterly unpretentious (hearing them read their hand-written vows was an unforgettable moment) they had me.

So, here’s a little old Scottish wish to them, just because it’s fun

May your joys be as deep as the snow in the glen, And your sorrows as few as the teeth of a hen.

Guys , it was an honor.

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