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Pack your bags for Cyprus for this black-tie international affair. Loutsiana and Panayiotis met while away on holiday and continued their love story through a long-distance relationship. A 20-hour flight from Melbourne to Cyprus couldn’t stop Panayiotis from visiting Loutsiana over 20 times! When it came to wedding planning, the couple had a clear vision in mind. They set out looking for a venue that could host both a ceremony and reception. And also accommodate over 300 guests coming in from all over the world! Just take one look at the Anassa Resort, which showcases Mediterranean living at its finest, and you’ll see why it was the perfect fit. Sotiris Tsakanikas superbly captured the beauty of the location and love the couple shares, see all of the sublime details in the full gallery.

From Splendid Events

It was pretty clear the place had to be no other than Anassa Resort. The palm-fringed, Mediterranean designer den, comes with immaculate views over the secluded bays of Akamas Peninsula that meet elegant, marbled interiors, exclusive designer boutiques, restaurants and pools, fragrant gardens, private villas and of course a gorgeous beachfront.

Coveted by every conqueror with an eye for a prize, Cyprus’ multilayered past and present have the entire island strewn with riches. The island where the Goddess of Love and Beauty is said to have risen from the sparkling sea. Is also home to a glut of pleasures and homeland to our couple, Loutsiana and Panayiotis.

The two met during summer holidays while Panayiotis vacayed in Ayia napa at his family Villa. The groom preparations took place at the location of Cap St. George, which carries a deep connection to the family history but has also hosted celebrities the likes of Mr. George Michael and The Rolling Stones. However, it took so much more than Panayiotis’ dashing roots, history, and elegant manners to win Loutsiana’s heart. During their first year of courtship alone, our groom flew from Melbourne to Cyprus (20 hour flight!!!)  over 20 times to court with his bride-to-be.

From our very first contact, the two lovebirds had a clear vision of what they wanted to secure first. A spectacular venue to host both their ceremony and their reception, but also one that could easily accommodate their 300 guests. Everyone would jet off from Down Under, Norway, England, Ukraine, Greece and the U.S. for the Big Day to join the beautiful duo and spend a few days enjoying the luxuries of their destination.  To us, it was pretty clear the place had to be no other than Anassa Resort. 

The Wedding Details

The celebrations began a day earlier with everyone arriving for a welcome bash at the groom’s private villa, easing into the festivities that the couple had in store. Their vision for the big day was timeless elegance – meets a warm ambiance, and -literally- tons of orchids. Anassa’s church and churchyard were festooned with endless rows of white orchids, white hydrangeas for volume and white spray and David Austin buds. Sky-high Louboutin and a stunning embellished all-over-lace gown by Steven Khalil were Loutsiana’s BigDay fashion choices,. While Panayiotis went with head-to-toe Tom Ford in a black and white tux channeling our inner 007.

As the dress code for the wedding was black-tie everyone dressed to the nine to see the couple arrive in their vintage Royce. Following an uber-romantic Orthodox ceremony, the couple’s photographer Sotiris Tsakanikas whisked the two away for their private portraits around the gardens, and the guests enjoyed their front view signature cocktails accompanied by gourmet amuse-bouche and lounge tunes. 

We set the scene for the reception right in front of the couple’s church of Saint Athanasia. The saint-protector whose name Panayiotis’ grandmother shares. According to the groom’s family, it would be a nod and a lovely tribute to her memory. The terrace was festooned with strings of lights and a sea of candles on the tables, while long family-style dinner ensued honoring every Greek-Cypriot tradition and ritual.

Among the couple’s favors to their guests was the Cyprus borne ouzo spirit Eros, the ancient god of Love & Romance.  A live band serenaded the toasts and speeches followed by cutting a tiered butterscotch cake and dancing till the wee hours. We couldn’t be more thankful to our floral & design teams, our lighting smith Christos Soleas. The incredible staff of Anassa Resort who made this celebration so special and of course to Sotiris Tsakanikas whose lens captured everything so beautifully on film. 

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