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An Elegant Wedding In Puglia

If you are an Italophile you will definitely fall for the tangible beauty of Puglia, heavy with extravagant churches, utterly hypnotizing, sun-soaked and washed by the olive-green waters of The Adriatic. So when the two New York attorneys contacted me to capture their wedding in this fine Italian destination, I knew it was going to be one of my favorites this season! The couple wished for their wedding day to be a truly unique experience for their friends and families, so they all chose to stay together at a sequester but no less impressive Masseria on the hills. There would be lot’s of walking in the night, as taxi rides and transportation can be tricky around these parts, I was warned, but soon as the warm and hospitable region opened its arms I was in heaven.

Masseria Tenuta Monacelle, is one of the most magical spots to experience Italy’s countryside. Dining poolside, enjoying the splendor of the gorgeous vistas and several pool dips, tasting out of this world Italian dishes and wines was the best cure for any jet lag. The wedding was held at the town hall of Fasano, surrounded by a sparkling white historic center and a quaint maze of narrow lanes, archways, stairways, and little piazzas. After the ceremony espresso, gelato and wine time followed on Piazza Ciaia, the town square, with a small band of musicians who followed us through the whole day and added a sweet soundtrack to our great time together. One of my favorite moments during the wedding dinner (heavenly food and giant wedding cake aside) was the family speeches. I was so moved by the parents’ grace and modesty which left me with the sweetest smile. Returning home I felt so blessed for having photographed one amazing moment after another and for the infinite love I received from my couple.



Tenuta Monacelle,


Rosie Meleady, “The Wedding Planner” 



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