Nathalie & Cyric


Nathalie and Cyril came all the way from Egypt to tie the knot in Greece. Hydra with its bitty marbled passages, marble-cobbled lanes, and perfectly scenic atmosphere that weaves with Leonard Cohen’s post-modern mythos, was just the place. Once again, I found myself spellbound by its beauty, sipping a cappuccino on my quite prestigious perch at the harbor, and getting an eyeful of the Saronic Gulf’s azure waters, fine stone architecture, and donkey riding crowds. This beautiful gem is free of wheeled vehicles, so it is always peaceful even on a wedding day.

Natalie and Cyril’s incredible family and close friends welcomed me warmly at the historical Hydrea hotel (an old repurposed mansion belonging to one of the heroes of Greek renaissance) and heading to my lovely bride preparations were already underway. I went on to shoot some of the bridal trousseau details and then headed to shoot some portraits of the bride before and after she slipped into her wedding dress. Her dashing bridesmaids with gowns in cerulean blue, a perfect nod to Greek blues- joined us and we got to have a few moments of fun toasting to Nathalie’s happiness.

Was there a better wedding ride for a bride in Hydra than Kikitsa? Hardly! Nathalie hopped on our happy donkey lady’s back and accompanied by friends and family -an exuberant greek island wedding custom- arrived before her groom at the escort of traditional musicians and the happiest crowd of guests who didn’t stop taking pictures and marveling at the bride’s beauty.

The Sunset Restaurant and Bar is a perfect location to tie the know in Hydra. A gorgeous sunset view uphill and just around the corner of the main village of Hydra. Nathalie walked down the aisle with her father and tear-jerking moments ensued, followed by an incredibly fun celebration till the wee hours. I couldn’t feel more happy for Nathalie and Cyril. Seeing their faces glowing with happiness made this photographer swoon!

Congratulations to you both!


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