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Ostuni Puglia _

When lit up at night Ostuni is a postcard town. In the morning light, low rolling hills with literally millions of century old olive trees carpet the land as far as the eye can see, and properties stand proud and fenced by dry stone walls. There is not a stone below the olive trees. It looks like the farmers have been collecting every single fragment of the yellow-red material for centuries to construct a gigantic labyrinth of walls that dissect the landscape in every direction.

My treasured friends and a hosts par excellence Gianluca and Mary, really knows how to pick the perfect location for his annual workshops.

As the gates of Masseria Montenapoleone closed behind, we were wrapped in the beauty of this fortified farm which invited us towards the entrance. Oleander bushes, bougainvillea and olive trees lined our path. Bales of hay and an old well still full of water were the first whispers of the activity which would be part of our lives and work during our stay. With “Rustic chic”, utility artifacts reformed to a new purpose, and farm instruments of long ago, the Masseria created the warmest and yet so stylish ambiance.

Day speeches and shoots with some of the most talented, most inspiring fellow photographers and planners, were followed by the unbuttoned sense of un-resorty fun, in the company of good friends (both old and new found), distinguished honor guests from all over the globe, feasting, and superb wine tasting.

As my boat from Brindisi departed for Greece my mind was filled with music, ideas, laughter and the ever so genuine hospitality vibes from Giuliano, Masseria Montapoleone owner, orchestrator of all things wonderful, whose acquaintance and company I will always cherish. I felt as gratified and blessed as a man can feel.

In fact, if I could suggest something to every single fellow photographer out there it would be to never miss out on such one-of- a- kind events. Talent is great, but we should always seek after involvement, experience, and vision.

Gianluca, I can’t begin to thank you for the magic. Till we meet again in No5 Ostuni Workshop !

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event: Ostuni Workshops

location: Masseria Montenapoleone

florist: il profumo

dress: Laveda Bridal

mua: Viviana Veglia


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