Wedding Photography & The Timeline of The Day


Wedding photography has gone through so many stages during the last decades. From very few static studio pictures of the newlyweds to pictures of the bride and groom in front of a blank canvas, and from square living-room shots in front of the fireplace (the 80s were upon them) to all kinds of experimentations.

Trends have surely come and gone, but what remains a universal wedding day photography desire, is the one to relieve it! That IS actually one of the great reasons to invest in wedding photography that will tell the whole story of that day in the finest, most beautiful details.


From the first moments of the wedding morning to the last minute of your big day, there is such great energy flowing. So many things happening at the same time and so many plans and dreams for that day finally becoming a reality. Timeline is one of the most decisive elements on a wedding day. Here is why:

Picture Perfect: you’ve woken up all refreshed, and with a mild feeling of impatience, mixed with jitters, everything is in place, your hair and makeup are done, and soon you’re chatting with your girls, joyfully

laughing, maybe sipping on a little champagne, having the perfect bridal party. Then, it is time for you to slip into your wedding dress. Your mother or your best friend tends to the details. At some point you look at yourself in the mirror and there it is, the glow, the sweet realization that you’re getting married today and you look absolutely STUNNING!

The not so perfect: now picture the same beginning, but your hair and makeup took an hour longer than you had anticipated. You start looking at your phone nervously every minute. Anxiety starts piling up and you are still not dressed. No will for small jokes, no time to chat, you need to make it on time. Your relaxed and exciting morning is turning to a stressful speed race. Where is all the fun? Where is your glow and happiness?

I’m sure you’ve somehow witnessed both scenarios, and a stressed bride is not a great- looking bride (the same applies to grooms). A timeline well built will ensure each of you enjoys all these unique moments completely stress-free.

Your timeline affects your photos in several ways, the most obvious one being, that the more time your photographer has, the better, more creative will your photographs be.

Needless to say that this stands for the rest of the wedding day as well.

From that gorgeous early photo in your bridal gown (which may require more time to set up) to the moments I will be spending with you and your groom later in the day, more time equals more photos and of course – working on that fine art magic!

Feeling relaxed and radiating with happiness will show in all your photographs.

If you have no idea where to start read on. I will be more than happy to help build your wedding day timeline!

In the next two pages, you will find two Sam- ple Timelines, one that includes a First Look and one that doesn’t. If you are already famil- iar with what the First Look is, you certainly understand the difference. If not, read on to find out more about this extraordinary new tradition and its advantages.

  • Everything eventually needs more time than they seem to, so allow for that extra time from the start.
  • Make lists of all the details, both big and small, to have for your preparations and photography (further on I will be providing you with an example)
  • Discuss your timeline with the lovely people who will be part of it, vendors usually appreciate a well-coordinated bride and will definitely oblige to assist you with extra input, on what is happening when.
  • Not sure when your ceremony should start? I would recommend 2 or 3 hours before sunset.!


Images taken in Santorini during editorial shooting with : Divine Weddings 

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