Sotiris' advices to our beloved couples

Let me just begin by saying that all the months to follow, from the day you will book your photographer till the end of your wedding day, are going to be super-exciting not only for you and your husband to be, but also for your dear friends, guests and beloved family.

Something such exciting as your marriage usually comes up with a great number of questions that occasionally become a bit overwhelming… So many details, plans and things to do, right?

With this post I wish to help you as much as I can giving you some photography tips for the smooth and stress-free wedding you deserve!


Your guests have taken their seats, and the big moment is here! I will already be down at the front across from your groom waiting for you.

  • When you are walking down the aisle, keep your shoulders back, chin forward and down, and look straight ahead.
  • Don’t forget to breathe and of course SMILE!
  • Hold your bouquet down towards your belly button and tilt them forward slightly – that way we will be able to see your gorgeous dress AND your stunning bouquet!
  • When you start walking down the aisle, lock eyes with your groom and let everything else melt away. Everyone will have their eyes set on you, but those few moments are precious for you as a bride and you as a couple.
  • When you first start to walk, I will be locked on your groom to capture his reaction, and then I will come back to you and follow you through your dad giving you away.


First of all, I encourage you to kindly ask your guests to switch off their cameras and cell phones, which will allow everyone to take in the mystery. If you do not wish to do so, I recommend that guests take photos without getting up into the aisles. If anyone is in the aisles during any part of the ceremony, it will definitely affect how the mystery progresses and, when IT IS time for me to take photos, my ability to take them.

  • Your ceremony is concluded. Your officiant has just pronounced you husband and wife and it’s time for that amazing first kiss as a married couple!
  • I suggest having kindly asked your officiant to take a step back when the time comes, so that only you and your groom are in the frame.
  • Kiss big! Longer kisses will allow me to get a few different photos! So don’t hesitate to go cinematic!
  • During your recessional you can stop halfway down the aisle and kiss. As your guests are standing, clapping, throwing you confetti, I can capture some incredible photos!
  • Discussing the photography rules with your officiant / church or venue is a must! Every venue is different, and some may restrict the use of external lights or flash photography (which I do not favor either) and some can be very strict on where I can stand to photograph you!


A very important aspect of family photog- raphy in weddings how much time we are planning to assign. Everyone loves a family photo, especially if it’s relaxed and fun, yet it is best if we set aside about three minutes per group.

So here are some tips on how to keep everything un- der control and enjoy your family photos:

  • Decide on the VIPs – If possible limit your family photos to your immediate family, grandparents and other extremely important people.
  • Group photos with coworkers, cousins, distant relatives and friends can be saved for your reception when the time is plenty for both of you.
  • Tell every family VIP that they are expected for family photos immediately after the ceremony.
  • Have someone from each of your families assist you in making sure everyone is present. It is very important that we have all the help we can get to call the next group on deck.
  • Build photo lists.

When deciding on your family photo list, it will help you a lot to keep in mind these four different categories:

• must have during family photo time,

• must have at some point in the day,

• would be nice to have,

• only if time allows.

As I do not know everyone in your family, it is a great help for me to have each list, to know which group I am photographing, to be able to track someone down, and to put them in the order that makes the best picture.

  • B&G with bride’s immediate family
  • B&G with B’s Grandparents
  • B&G with B’s Immediate Family +Grandparents
  • B&G with B’s Immediate Family
  • B&G with B’s Parents
  • B&G with G’s Parents
    B&G with G’s Immediate Family
  • B&G with G’s Immediate Family + Grandparents
    B&G with G’s Grandparents
  • B&G with Both Sets of Parents
  • B&G with Both Immediate Families


  • We want to make sure that your family members are not stepping on your dress, nor standing far from you. As I capture your group photos, lightly pick up your dress and then let it drop. Remember to do this with every new group!
  • A super-casual pic of you and your family captures how you really are – perhaps not perfect but perfectly happy!
  • Pets are family too! If you would like me to include your old faithful into your family photos I will be happy to!



Bridal party photography means having all your best friends with you! It’s a great oppor- tunity to have incredibly fun captions filled with positive energy and personality! You can look at each other, laugh and interact!

  • Why not use a few elegant props, like dainty parasols, that will add an extra note of glam to your photos and at the same time help your bridal party relax!
  • Although it’s amazing to have so many exciting things to talk about with your friends during your wedding day, a photograph of someone talking is rarely flattering. Instead whisper in your friend’s ear and start giggling, even laughing out loud, bring out that amazing energy!
  • Instead of standing in a straight line, your bridal party members can break up into pairs and stand on different levels.
  • Getting married doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun! Your wedding day is a huge celebration! Enjoy your photography with your friends creating the memories of a lifetime.


I am committed to Fine Art Photography! It’s classic, romantic, emotional and beyond beautiful! Fine Art carries that editorial feel you see featured in high-fashion magazines and this is the part of the day when you get to have one!

  • Veils are SO romantic. They can be tossed, wind-blown, drapped, cover you completely. They are perfect! Bring your veil!
  • A bride can’t have a couple portrait without a bouquet, so don’t leave it behind.
  • You are husband and wife now, allow those wedding rings to show!
  • Don’t look for the camera! Show all your affection, gaze at each other, caress, get goosebumps, smile (or cry), rememeber all this journey so far and see yourselves in it, feel the breeze on your skin, the scents in the air, the warmth of the sun, take these precious moments completely in. FEEL with your spouse and yes, HAVE FUN!

Images taken during a wonderful editorial shooting in Mykonos island

Planning by the talented team of  “White Stories”


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