an engagement session

or as the saying goes …  “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

So I did.

Location : Lazio region capital a.k.a Roma Capitale, a.k.a The Eternal City. Οccasion: the WAYUPNORTH photography convention.  Time for some good education, great bonding moments (with my brother Nick, Melina and Kosti, two of my best friends).

But what is yours truly doing, sauntering? Truth is one can’t simply turn their back on Rome’s beauties and delicacies. Be it the soft, warm and glorious light, the colorful trattorias, the mind-blowing alloy of architectural styles or simply the little joys of life, Rome takes your mind away from -litteraly- any strain; You wish to make every little moment count. You allow for this timeless grandeur to seep into your soul, unearthing little treasures and unexpected incidences. The city itself is the broadest possible museum, and I don’t just mean history, I mean a museum of tastes, scents and food Cotto a puntino, meaning “cooked to the small point” – really well-cooked. Yum !

And of course such a heaven could not but evoke some of the most epic romances, much like the one I had the pleasure to shoot at Villa Borghese. The Philipinese beauty (Abegail) and her romeo (Francesco), passionate, tender and moving were a sheer delight! Poetic too. Here’s what I mean.

Abegail :


There is no such greater than the love Beyond race. The Ability to Accept the differences Of culture shows how true love Can adapt and Can move powerfully Two people from different continents together.

Life and Love is dynamic… It keeps on moving…… It adapts.. The more we live into the modern life…. The more liberate we are… To express feelings….. Rights….. And love…. Amidst the law… The distance … The differences ….

Modern Cleopatra

I really felt like Cleopatra during the photoshoot.

Cleopatra for me in this modern world are all those women Who fights for rights and bé special in her on way.

It is not IMPORTANT what the origin is… It may be in the person Of an Asian… European…. Arab….. Anybody…. Who powerfully conquer Every single moment …. Day…. or Chance in their everyday life.

Call me smitten !!!

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  1. My dearest Setty thank you so much!!! Your words are really appreciated

  2. And that’s how we are reminded how beautiful how luminous life is. Thank you for sharing this !!!

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