Shirley & Manuel


When you are here, don’t you feel so at peace, like you have done an hour of yoga and just had a green juice? said Shirley, and that is probably the most unusual and original description of Mykonos I have ever heard from a bride to be. Truth is, the isle is primarily a dolce-vita, partygoer’s mecca and that is why it is among the most sought-after wedding destinations. Still, in early September the light is so deliciously bright and you can’t but agree how perfect life feels when the breeze brushes your hair and cheeks. I loved how easy-going and fresh Shirley and Manuel are, so in touch and in love with each other, a sight for sore eyes really, which transfered so beautifully onto film. We had a wonderful time strolling in the rustic beach and capturing them together really made me feel that with love we are kids forever!

Many thanks to Panagiotis from The12Events

All pictures are taken on film (portra 400) with Contax 645 scanned at RPL

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