Destination weddings

When it comes to capturing that signature shot of the happy couple walking down the aisle as husband and wife, the environment and surroundings are everything. From spectacular Lake Como wedding venues through to an elopement on the beach. The destination you choose for your special day will shine through in every aspect of your wedding album. Encompassing everything from the way the light falls to the ground they walk upon. The glint in his eye and the backdrop beyond.

And as we stroll along the edge of Lake Como, taking in the picturesque towns. The cliffs and the flora all around, dreams of a Lake Como wedding start to materialize.  

When I speak to my clients about destination weddings,. It can be easy to get caught up in the logistics and the planning involved. Forgetting for a moment the romantic wonder of exploring a new country with your soulmate.

Como Lake

After all, a wedding is a journey. And a Lake Como Wedding invites you to explore the natural world around you through every part of your big day. Whether it’s getting ready in the Bridal Suite of the Hotel Tremezzo. Or gazing out into the mountainous background that stretches behind the Villa Sola Cabiati with its Italian flower garden and manicured parkland.

A wedding in Italy is truly a family affair. Bringing the passion and good fortune of everyone you love together under the sun. Enjoy the exquisite cuisine. Sample the best of the local wines as used by the surrounding Lake Como wedding venues. As you lead your wedding party through the botanical gardens of the stunning Villa Carlotta. Or around along the ancient walls that separate the Villa Pizzo from the Lake.

As an integral part of your day, a wedding photographer is there to capture the best of every moment,. Whether you’re aware of the camera or not. A Lake Como wedding is the homeland of natural beauty. And you will find yourself drawn into the scenery more than once throughout your day; admiring the sunshine, the sunset at dusk, and the perfect starry sky.

Wedding Venues

When it comes to selecting your venue, remember only this. The four stunning venues referenced here capture and emulate the finest in Italian tradition. Alongside the luxury of a modern vista. The choice you make will serve as a credit to your personal taste and style. And can be captured in every shot to reflect that. Staging a wedding in any of these venues requires little decorative input. Thanks to the natural beauty of the architecture, manicured gardens and sparkling waters of Lake Como.

So, when you next picture your wedding, imagine for a second that you are standing at the edge of Lake Como. Vowing to spend the rest of your life with this one person. The most beautiful moment, in the most beautiful place in the world.

Huge thanks to my dearest Michaela from Mitheo Events

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