Getting married in Greece



A gem in the heart of Greece, many who visit Athens leave thinking they have come to understand its culture, its history and its magnificent beauty. But, with a historical significance that spans some 3,400 years; spoken through countless works of art, myths and legends, and cities filled with intricate architecture, Athens is the home to a mystery that never be truly unlocked. All we can hope to do is capture it at its best – and celebrate it.


A destination wedding in Athens is more than an event – it is an occasion, held in one of the world’s oldest cities, among the decadent backdrops and whispered promises of forever. From scenic country landscapes to luxury beaches and hidden corners for perfect Greek elopement, Athens is a place you will remember forever.

Capturing Athens in its finest light is a pleasure to behold, with every moment of your special day emboldened by glorious sunshine and the mystery of moonlight – from the glint in his eye as she walks down the aisle, to the delicate smile following that first married kiss.


Of course, a luxury wedding in Athens calls for elegance and decadence, from the food to the surroundings, with the Four Seasons providing one such statement – hidden along the glamorous Athens riviera, and oozing both modern luxury and the fine beauty of Greek tradition.

If seclusion and hidden coastal alcoves are more your calling, the whimsical charm of the Island Art & Taste promises a unique intimacy and romance, not just for the couple but for your guests as well, as you band together to gaze across the Athens riviera; drinking in the views as you sip your champagne.

And then there’s the The Margi Farm – a journey of rustic charm and elegant touches, where the food is naturally grown, and the experience is authentically real. Those who choose the Margi Farm for their destination wedding are enticed by the unique charm of finding hidden nooks and private crannies around every corner; the vineyards stretching into the horizon in a celebration of vibrant colour.


A luxury wedding in Athens wouldn’t be what it is without local produce, wine and flora, and the Casa e Campo delivers all three; creating a tailormade design concept for every couple with an experience which delivers the very finest in wedding day highlights. Every guest to step foot over the threshold of Casa e Campo receives the finest treatment and the very best service, all under the unique terracotta roof of the idyllic farmland estate.


What would a Greek elopement be without greenscapes and mountainous backdrops? Hidden between the mountains and rolling countryside of Athens, the Pyrgos Mellisourgou is one of the oldest residences in Greece, boasting a history and atmosphere which turns even the simplest of destination weddings into a celebration of finery and elegance. Located just 1km from the most undisturbed ocean views, the Pyrgos Mellisourgou is the home of exquisite charm – and the most luxurious wedding albums – rivalled only by Ktima 48 with its boutique finish and impressive location which make it one of the Greece’s most popular destinations for wedding, parties, and honeymoons.


From ocean blue to forest green, Ktima Chantzi, Ktima Kokkotou and Ktima Orizontes both capture the best of Greece’s natural phenomenon’s; inviting the happy couple to rest, love, and celebrate together in the fresh air of Greece. A paradise suitable for even the finest luxury wedding, these residences provide so much more than just a venue; creating the perfect shell to design your perfect day in the sanctity of Greece’s beautiful surroundings.

A picture perfect location may not be easy to find, but when you stumble across it, you’ll know right away. That is the feeling that couples get when they first stumble upon the Pyrgos Petreza; home to history, harmony, and the memories of many happy couples. With a plethora of spaces captured through the style, design and catering provided by the Pyrgos Petreza, no two weddings are the same – but every one is as spectacular as the last.

So before you move towards the expense and finery of modern Greece, consider a moment how your destination wedding can be enhanced by a hint of culture and a dash of history. After all, Athens may be large and it may be popular, but with infinite hideaways and secret corners, you might just find a gem to provide the perfect backdrop to your wedding album.


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