From the bride:

“Myles and I met whilst we were still in secondary school together.

We grew up in Skegness a seaside town in the east of England. I wanted to go to a concert at a seaside town on the other side of the country with my friend. A big adventure at the time as we were young with no transport. Somehow Myles was roped in to drive us, and I didn’t know him until that day.

Since then we’ve been inseparable, spending every moment together over the last twelve years! We’ve grown through different phases of our lives, through college, and university. Moving to London and starting our careers . But our affection and reliance on each other is a constant in a world of change.

We love to travel, and find joy in every day together. I’m always the impulsive one looking for excitement in the now. And Myles is the long term thinker ensuring we do all the things we dream up. Together we are a great team.

Myles proposed in Manorola in Cinque Terre. It was a total surprise, but looking back on it now he was anxious in the build up! Typically Myles had planned ahead. But on the day he had to improvise as I had changed the plans. He got me up early saying he wanted to go and get some photos before the crouds, and we found a quite spot on the hillside,. When I turned around Myles proposed. We spent the day doing some of our favourite things, hiking in the hills, eating gelato, and jumping in to the sea from the rocks.”


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