Vaso & Akis

A wedding in Spetses, Greece

_The Spetsiot Golden Angle

Among the many islands and dreamy beaches of Greece, the little ones around the Argolic Gulf -untainted by package tourism- still retain an aura of the quondam Helenic town of the modernist period. Spetses, might as well be one of the crown jewels, both small-scale and high-end carrying a wonderful eclectic feel, with superyachts bobbing up and down next to traditional wooden fishing boats and the super-rich rubbing shoulders with the locals in quayside tavernas.

Vaso and Akis wished their wedding to attain this partly elegant-partly bohemian feel on the isle where private automobiles are a no-no, and the couple got to skyrocket romance with horse-drawn carriage transportation for both of them and their guests, as well as a prepped private boat ride to the venue for the bride and groom.

As a photographer I am always drawn to the particulars of details, and I noticed that their unusual palette of bright parma yellow and blue entwined with zesty lemons and hellianthi sparked up the greater feeling of joy. Turns out this choice was not at all random. As I was told : There is a technical feature that distinguishes the hellianthus, but requires a microscope to see. It is the presence of a prominent, multicellular appendage at the apex of the style. Sunflowers are especially well known for their symmetry based on Fibonacci numbers and the Golden angle. My thoughts exactly … a perfect wedding means symmetry.

As we stepped from the terrace into the pebbled beach and the party started under a firework-lit sky the real world seemed wonderfully distant.

My best wishes to you my friends.

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Event Planner: DePlanV

Assistant Photographer: George Kostopoulos

Cinematographer: Jim Grillas

Couple Preparations: Mare Monte

Wedding Venue: Kaiki Beach

Hair: Michailidis Christos

Wedding Dress: Loukia

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