Debonhair Vineyard-Garden Wedding Inspiration.

Debonhair Vineyard-Garden Wedding Inspiration.

A wed-locking of lush vineyard gardens, and villa-veneta style barchessa wings, a union of history and anchestry prestige, tempting and atmospheric, served as the mise en scène to this wedding inspiration shoot. We wished to bring forward the comfort and suavity, the cheerfulness of the Italian vogue and romance, fresh as the breeze transporting perfumes of grapevine plantations and cypresses blew over the lakes of Villa Giona.

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Some words from Alessandra:

“Moodboard: the italian garden, an idillyc paradise.

I chose Villa Giona for this inspirational shooting because it’s an emblem on the Italian character. A solid and important main building, with its typical wonderful Italian garden, turn to fantasy and lightness of the park. There is a great contrast between the aesthetic perfection of the facade of the villa and the lush park with the pond hidden by large oaks and pines. A romantic path winds through the precious Valpolicella’s vineyard.

Day concept: A charming, romantic and warm country atmosphere.

To bring to life the emotion, we chose to follow the bright color palette of the venue.

We’ve played with contrasts with all the details, from the attire to the stationery.

For the bride, we chose two lace gowns, soft and bright, and a fresh makeup and hairstyle, for the groom, a stately morning suit in two different colors, light grey for the morning and dark grey for the afternoon.

A touch of style:

for him, an original bowler hat; for her a Renaissance hairstyle with a modern twist.

For the stationery we were inspired by the cosmos flower and the color palette. We opposed a very formal presentation to the softness of cotton paper and pink pastel print.


With this shooting we’d love to inspire brides to come to get married in Valpolicella; it’s a magic place, full of surprising and stunning landscapes, unimaginable colors, a place where art, culture, wines and food come together creating the original atmosphere of the traditional Italian style.

Flowers: sweet avalanche roses, lysianthus, cosmos bordeaux and viburnum berries.

The colour palette was very delicate and ethereal. Being September I added cosmos, a very dramatic seasonal flower. All the floral decorations were very elegant with an unusual twist, like the foliage and flowers added to bridal bouquet’s stems. They were perfectly matched with the aristocratic style of the location Villa Giona”


Planner: Alessandra Benedetti

Floral Design: Tania Muser

Makeup: Michela Dalla Brea

Hair: AN-J:

Wedding Dress: Mara Rossi, Tiffany Atelier Sposa, Villafranca (Verona)

Groom attire and shoes: Carlo Barba, Sartoria Cavour

Jewelery: Skusa

Venue: Hotel Villa Giona,


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