Constandina & Stephanos

A wedding in Cyprus


Call it verve, style or flair. In Wes Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel, the main character’s ubiquitous perfume is called ‘L’air de Panache’. In my book, L’ air de Panache is what I saw in the protagonists of this exuberant destination wedding in Cyprus.

Having visited Cyprus for years and for many reasons, I can certainly declare it is one of the most uplifting experiences. Earthy raw energy on both sides of the capital and the traditional character and culture that can seem watered down in the resorts. A great symbol of the peace process, Cyprus, like its history and culture is multilayered and compelling.

Further than the lifestyle and the breathtaking landscape, I found myself among truly loving, hospitable people, who are extremely style-conscious and really know how to dress for a wedding party. An exuberant, can’t-go-wrong, completely Instagrammable palette of blues and pastels, chic floral arrangements raising the bar, and an unrivaled proclivity towards mixing and matching. That is certainly an ever-present unique perfume, wouldn’t you agree?

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