I love a unique inspiration wedding editorial, a story within a story, strewn with artful details that take on the outlines of lore. The Golden Oriole theme came up while discussing the nuances and symbols that are particular to every couple on their wedding day.

Together with Mazi_Events, we drew inspiration from the medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer’s work” The Romaunt of The Rose”, a  story about courtly, chivalrous love where the golden oriole bird manifests itself in the garden where the narrator’s love sings.

Orioles are arboreal figeaters who choose a partner for life. Their nest is a deep woven cup suspended like a hammock from a branch. We built around this wonderful allegory to create a setup filled with fine golden details, nestling glows, and snippets of decadent dark touches, birdcages, candelabrums and an original nest hanging from a tree.

Our venue, Ktima48 became the perfect backdrop to shoot, with its varied landscapes and niches and a spectacular coastal view of the sunset.

Chirography designed for us a hand-drawn suite of calligraphed stationery and watercolor invitations that matched our theme to perfection, and Redbox days rendered the most impressive floral installations together with a wedding bouquet where sunset peaches and oriole yellows created drama and added to the couple’s fresh looks.

We dressed our bride in a sweet almond hued lace bridal gown by Anna Anemomylou, bound with a velvet ribbon belt and our muah stylist kept her makeup and hair classic and natural.

From The Romaunt of The Rose by Geoffrey Chaucer 

Ther is no place in paradys, So good in for to dwelle or be, As in that Gardin, thoughte me;  For there was many a brid singing, Throughout the yerde al thringing. In many places were nightingales, Alpes, finches, and wodewales,That in her swete song delyten In thilke place as they habyten. 

There is no place in paradise, so good to dwell or be, as in that garden, I thought; for there were many birds singing, all crowding in the yard. Everywhere there were nightingales, Alpes, finches and golden orioles delighting in her sweet song, as they dwelled in it.

Workshop: The Secret Owl

Writer-Speaker : Setty Lepida

Planning, Design: Mazi Event Design & Production

Venue: Ktima 48

Florist: Kostas Korakas

Stationery: Chirography

Dress: Anemomylou Anna

Rentals: Zazoo Event Rentals

Sweeks: Pavlov’s Lab

Jewelry: Kousvelaris

Gromm’s attire: Gianettos

Muah: Franzeska Make Up & Hair

Models: Ace Models

Cinema: Vasilis Kantarakis


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