Wiwi & Andy

A wedding in Austria

A Surge of Grace

I have said it before and I will say it once more. I love my job. Those unforeseeable moments gifted to me by the most unexpected encounters with people who initially are referred to me as my future clients but end up having me capture the poetic, delicate works of true love and affection.

Discreetly, with an elegance attentive to the exact reality of things, Wiwi and Andy took this wedding photographer to Schmidheiny vineyard, an old winery, slash wine museum surrounding the old mansion at the estate in Heerbrugg, where wine-tasting and heritage is a host to their uber romantic, heart endearing wedding ceremony. This gorgeous bride and her elegant groom were my kind of people, the ones that capture my heart way before I capture their perfect day.

If I could put a lesson my beloved friends reminded me of, into a small metaphor I would have to say this

That which lasts a second: the batting of a beautiful couples’ eyelids That which lasts a few hours : a bridal bouquet, the clicks of a camera That which lasts a day : the kudos and wishes for the best life together That which lasts a few days : a honeymoon That which lasts a year: the shoot of a young rose-bush That which lasts forever: the surge of grace amazing people infuse you with, true lasting love_

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